ANIMALS- VocabularyVocabulary

1) Donkey – Male: Jack, Female: Jenny, Child: Foal 2) Bear- Male: Boar, Female: Sow, Child: Cub 3) Cat- Male: Tom, Female: Queen, Child: Kitten 4) Cattle- Male: Bull, Female: Cow, Child: Calf 5) Chicken- Male: Rooster or cock, Female: Hen, Child: Chick 6) Deer- Male: Buck or stag, Female: Doe, Child: Fawn 7) Dog-Continue reading “ANIMALS- VocabularyVocabulary”

Alternatives of 25 words to enrich your vocabulary

👇👇👇 Interesting- note worthy; thought-provoking; fascinating; attracting; appealing; attention-grabbing; captivating; gripping; invigorating; engrossing; engaging; electrifying. Beautiful- striking; stunning; magnificent; lovely; charming; gorgeous; radiant; dazzling. Good- acceptable, wonderful, exceptional; positive; brilliant; first-rate; notable; stellar; favorable; superb; marvellous; prime. Bad- awful; lousy; poor; unacceptable; crummy; dreadful; rough; inferior; substandard; atrocious; appalling; dreadful; defective. Look- glance; fixate; observe;Continue reading “Alternatives of 25 words to enrich your vocabulary”

Essay Format

IELTS #writing Essay Format A general idea for your essay should consist of these paragraphs: 🔷 Introduction🔴 Body◼️ Conclusion → A more detailed format: 🔷 Introduction Paragraph ↓🔹 Lead🔹 Background Information🔹 Thesis Statement 🔴 Body Paragraph (s) ↓🔺 Topic sentence🔺 Supporting ideas ◼️ Conclusion Paragraph ↓◾️ Re-stated thesis statement◾️ Writer’s comments #essay #ielts

Phrases and Vocabulary

IELTS Writing Task Phrases to open/start an essay: Many/some people claim/opine/believe that…There is no denying that…It is often said that…These days…/ Nowadays…/ In this day and age…It goes without saying that…It is universally accepted that…We live in an age when many of us are…People are divided in their opinion regarding……. is one of the mostContinue reading “Phrases and Vocabulary”

IELTS Essay – It is unnecessary to teach children skills of handwriting

IELTS Writing Task / IELTS Essay You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.Write about the following topic: Some people say that in our modern age, it is unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. ModelContinue reading “IELTS Essay – It is unnecessary to teach children skills of handwriting”

Fractions📝IELTS Writing📝 –

(Task | Fractions) Here comes a number of fractions to express percentages: 🔹4% = A tiny fraction.🔹24% = Almost a quarter.🔹25% = Exactly a quarter.🔹26% = Roughly one quarter.🔹32% Nearly one-third, nearly a third.🔹49% = Around a half, just under a half.🔹50% = Exactly a half.🔹51% = Just over a half.🔹73% = Nearly three quarters.🔹77%Continue reading “Fractions📝IELTS Writing📝 –”

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